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Night Nurse Reviews

and Testimonials 


Where do we begin??

Before we speak about our night nurse experience,

we would first like to comment on our interactions with Paula Marino (Owner-Babies RN).

Paula was empathetic, attentive and made us feel taken care of from the very moment we spoke.

We really appreciated the adjustments she made in order to meet our needs which then in turn placed us with, Dionne.

That now leads us with the pleasure of speaking about our AMAZING Night Nurse, Dionne!

What a God-Sent Blessing! Dionne gave us unbelievable support during the first few crazy weeks.

She was detailed, confident, attentive, loving and most of all…such a wonderful human being!

We were so delighted to have our new baby in such great hands!

Her rapport was genuine and she listened intently as we shared our story and was able to help meet 100% of our needs and desires.

To say that she went above and beyond would not do it justice… I can only say “WOW” to the entire experience!


these are the things we think about when we speak of Dionne and Paula.

What a tremendous team they have. We can see why they have a such a strong reputation for being #1!

Grateful & BEYOND SATISFIED Clients… "

Jeff and Heidi G. 


I highly recommend Babies RN LLC to any family welcoming a new baby home, whether they are first time parents or not. Monica was our baby’s night nurse and she was amazing! She was not only kind, caring and loving towards our family and our newborn, but she was also extremely professional and knowledgeable. She arrived early for every shift and was eager to assist us upon her arrival. We truly were able to rest easy knowing that our baby was in such great hands. I wish we could have Monica forever, but she will be such a blessing to the next family that she assists!"

Nicole E.


Just coming to the end of my journey with Babies RN and my husband

and I have recovered so much faster with this baby than our others with no night help.
Reasons to use an agency- our first night nurse (who was lovely also) had to take some time off due to an injury and they sent a new nurse right away to cover. So I didn’t have to spend time researching/interviewing while I had a one week old. Diede ended up staying with us for almost 4 months and our baby was sleeping 8-12 hours reliably at three months!"

Diana R.


They are a great resource of support for parents.

They took the time to find us a great fit, and were very professional!

Our nurse was very knowledgeable, professional and great support and advocate!"

Azamit S.


Babies RN and our night nurse Heather were a godsend! 

The first few months with a newborn are hard and the extra nights of sleep

we got with our night nurse there saved our sanity. 

Will be using a night nurse for the next baby as well!"

Felicia S.


Our experience with Babies RN was amazing.

From the moment we connected with Paula before our son was born, 

we knew that she would bring excellent care and knowledge to our early days.

She helped us understand what to expect from night care and quickly scheduled us with a Newborn Care Specialist.

We could not have dreamed up a better caretaker for our son in those early, bleary days of infancy.

NCS Monica was sweet and caring and arrived early each night to prepare for her time.

She was wonderful to chat with and get to know and took the time to get to know our son as an individual baby, 

which built so much confidence in us. We slept so soundly the nights Monica took care of our baby.

We thought we would just hire her for the first 4 weeks but she ended up staying for almost 5 months!

We are so thankful for the helpful support Monica provided.

She truly helped our family through this transitional period and allowed us to enjoy it to the fullest.

Any family would benefit from Monica’s skills, care, and support. It was a real joy to work with her.

Overall, I cannot say enough good things about either Paula or Monica.

Working with them was the best investment we've ever made in our sleep, health, and general well-being! "

Lorena Z.


We appreciate everything from Babies RN, including Paula, Heather and Dionne.

We had a schedule that suited our needs perfectly, and we developed a wonderful rapport with our night nurses.

Jessica S.  


I worked with Babies RN for baby care services after giving birth to my first baby and the experience was great! I would highly recommend. I requested a week of services and they were able to coordinate with me to have a newborn care specialist our first night back from the hospital. Paula communicated with us well to make sure we had everything we needed.

The newborn care specialists and RNs we had were all wonderful.

Celina was with us for 5 nights and she took amazing care of our baby and me as well!

She was super helpful with providing a lot of newborn tips as well as postpartum tips. 

Would use them again in the future."

Gessica P.  


Babies RN was a lifesaver after coming home from the hospital. Shula and Leticia worked with me to help understand how to take care of my baby at night and to get her on a schedule. They were also very caring with my other children. Paula was amazing, answering emails at any time and accommodating my schedule."

Megan C.  


We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to Babies RN for connecting us with our baby nurse Maggie. Without her help, I don't think we would have survived the newborn stage! It's wonderful that our twins are now sleeping mostly through the night.
We are very thankful for Babies RN and their excellent baby nurse services. We would definitely recommend them to new parents looking for overnight support.

Jay D.  


We had such a positive experience with Babies RN. The night nurses are absolutely amazing!
Paula, the owner, went above and beyond to find us the right support.
We are immensely grateful for the invaluable support our Babies RN offered our family during such a vulnerable period. Thank you so much Babies RN. We will contact you again when the second child arrives."

Tatiana D.  


I can't say enough good things about the night nurse services from Babies RN.
It has been a blessing to have them during this special time. Our baby nurses were exceptional and we are grateful for the sleep we were able to have with them here. I will be referring Babies RN to my friends and family and will definitely use again!"

Laura P.  


Babies RN was an absolute lifesaver during a nerve wracking and exhausting few months!

We'll miss our night nurse so much!

For anyone looking for overnight help with newborns, I definitely recommend Babies RN!"

Lina C.  


Loved having Babies RN in my home to help with my newborn during my recovery from a c-section!

Nicole & Bennita were so loving with my baby girl and made me feel at ease."

Jessica M.  


We began using Babies RN night nurse services from the night we brought our daughter home from the hospital. Our baby nurse was always punctual and reliable. Over two months, our night nurse supported us with various nighttime baby duties, including changing diapers, holding, settling, and soothing our baby back to sleep.
I am pleased to highly recommend Babies RN for your night nurse needs.

Rene C.  


We had a wonderful experience working with Babies RN baby nurse agency. They help me find someone to take care of my baby when I needed it the most. In particular, it was really great working with our baby nurse Nicole. She was compassionate and professional and helped my husband and I differentiate between cries of discomfort due to GERD (reflux) and normal baby cries, which is invaluable advice that will serve us in the coming months. We would certainly recommend Babies RN to anyone and definitely turn to their services again in the future!"

Ana R.  


I wholeheartedly recommend the Babies RN team. As a second time mother there’s nothing more sensitive and personal than newborn care. We knew our son was going to be born with a congenital condition and Paula made me feel at peace that they could handle it. That is when I met Nicole: our baby nurse. She is the sweetest, most confident person. She’s truly a “ baby whisperer”. I am very grateful for her and Erika ( our weekend nurse) who’s also amazing with over 30 yrs of experience. They played such an important role during my postpartum journey. Thank you Babies RN!"

Pricsilla Q.  


Paula was such a great help in connecting us to Dionne who got our baby back on track at night!

They’re an amazing team and we can’t thank them enough!"

Hayley M.


Our experience with Babies RN was nothing short of amazing.

Our baby nurse, Dionne went above and beyond to make sure that my wife and

I were comfortable with her taking care of our son.

She helped us establish a bedtime routine that worked for our family.

I highly recommend Babies RN and Dionne, as she was a huge help to us as first-time parents."

Zack H.


So helpful and so convenient. 

They go out of their way to make it work of you. 

You gotta keep their number on speed-dial if you have babies in the the house. 

Specially great for newborns. 

They also made the schedule work on short notice. 

When we had to go into the hospital for an earlier than planned baby we came home to 

a scheduled night nurse on our first night back home through BabiesRN."

 Butt Family 


Having support over night as a new parent is essential to a positive experience and Paula, 

the owner of Babies RN agency, made our transition into parenthood seamless.

Originally we signed up for 3 weeks of support, 

not knowing what to expect and ended up extending past 12 weeks. 

Not only was Paula able to make that happen for us, 

she was able to find us a newborn care specialist who we really connected with and grew to love, Nicole.

Nicole was fantastic with our newborn and helped get him into a good sleep pattern; 

by the time she left he was continuously sleeping 8-10 hour stretches every single night as a 3 month old! 

 She was a pleasure to be around and I trusted her completely to care for our baby. 

You can feel the passion and love she has for newborns and is an excellent teacher for new parents.

I highly recommend Babies RN to all new parents."

Amanda C.


 If you're looking for a highly skilled and caring nighttime nurse service, look no further,

you've found them!!! Our newborn care specialist has superior credentials and an equally big heart !!!

Let me start off my saying that Monica was scheduled to care for my premature newborn twins every night for

only the first few weeks after they came home…. However, because she was so professional, knowledgeable,

punctual and caring (just to name a few things), we ended up having her stay with us for a solid 5 ½ months…

Monica came into our lives at the perfect time… Our twins were born at 32 weeks and we'd just arrived home...

exhausted and clueless about how life with premature twins would look. The moment Monica arrived, she was

friendly, knowledgeable and reassuring. In the coming weeks the twins developed reflux and had various feeding

issues. Monica was brilliant in helping us navigate through that, as well as establishing and keeping a nighttime

sleep and feeding routine. Monica has a phenomenal amount of experience with newborns, twins and multiples,

she's a wealth of knowledge. Alongside that she's such an easy person to have in your home and join your family

life, my older children loved having her around, too!!

By way of background, back in early 2022, after already having two children (ages 4 and 6), we were again blessed

with twins due later that year via surrogate in Augusta, Georgia. We knew we would need nighttime help

immediately when our twins came home to Miami, Florida... Our trusted Pediatrician, as well as numerous

hospital maternity nurses, all recommended the “one and only” trusted nighttime newborn nurse agency, Babies

RN, which is owned and operated by the amazing Paula Marino, RN BSN.

When I met Paula, I was delighted and trusted her immediately. Her own credentials and level of experience was

top-tier and her personality, not to mention her empathy, was equally wonderful, caring and considerate. In fact,

she was that calm voice of reason when our twins came 7.5 weeks early…. After being in NICU for three weeks, the

twins were ready to come home. Admittedly, in all the chaos, I completely forgot to call Paula in advance and

“update” her on the accelerated timing of our nighttime nurse needs…. Being completely stressed out, I called

Paula and broke the news that we were coming home THAT NEXT DAY…. Without hesitation, she jumped into

action and had MONICA ready and waiting for us that FIRST night back home.

That first night when Monica arrived, she took immediate control of our family unit in a calm but highly practical

and professional manner, working with us as parents and diagnosing reflux with one of our twins very early. She

became an invaluable member of our family unit and gave valuable insight that we would never have alone.  Not

only did she help us navigate the complexities of twins, but she also established and kept the twins in a

synchronized routine for eating and sleeping at night. From the onset, Monica’s work ethic was superior and she

surpassed all expectations. Monica gave me a strong sense of accomplishment and when she left (i.e., the twins

had “graduated”), I felt so confident to be able to manage things on my own. I told her that not only did she give

us a wonderful experience, but I am also so fortunate to have gained a true friend for life."

Suzzane D.


Paula (the owner) was amazing!

Extremely nice, helpful, supportive, flexible. and very attentive to our needs as parents of a premie!

I highly recommend her services!

Also, Dionne, our nurse, was awesome, we were truly grateful to have her take care of our daughter!"

Sterba Family


I appreciate  Babies RN.

 It has been a blessing to have Nicole and Kika during this time. 

Referring Babies RN to my friends and family and will definitely use you again god willing. "

Babies RN Mom


As first time parents, living out of state from our families, 

we are so thankful that we found Babies RN to help support us during our transition to parenthood. 

Paula, the owner, assisted us with a newborn care class that was so informative and helped us with all the questions that we had. 

She also toured our nursery to ensure we had all the things we needed. 

This was so reassuring as we wrapped up the last weeks of my pregnancy. 

Once our son arrived, she assigned us to Nurse Dionne, who was fantastic with our son, Parker, and with us! 

We had a few setbacks in the early weeks including low milk supply and jaundice issues 

and both Paula and Dionne checked in with me daily for updates, provide tips, and just to make sure I was doing ok. 

This just speaks volumes to how much they care about each infant and family they are supporting. 

Dionne provided us with tips on getting him to sleep for longer stretches too and by  week three, he was already having 4+ hour stretches at night. There are not enough words to say how thankful we are to them, and we will forever be grateful for our experience with Babies RN. Highly recommend to any family!"

 Neumann Family


I searched online for overnight help for my newborn twins.

Paula was wonderful from the first phone call at explaining how the service works and was super accommodating.

Jameela "Maggie", our night nurse, was exceptional.

She knew exactly what to do and was quick to learn where all the diapers, 

food and different personalities of my twins were.

For anyone looking for overnight help with newborns,

 I definitely recommend this agency and I felt very safe letting Maggie take care of my babies overnight."


Patty and Natalie were amazing.

I don’t think I would have been able to function without them.

Having this service was a god sent as a new mother."

Laor Family


We used Babies RN for the first six weeks of my daughter's life.

I reached out to Paula while still in the hospital desperate for some help and she was able to coordinate and get us the best baby nurse to start the night we came home from the hospital. Our baby nurse was a dream.

We have no family in the area and no baby experience so not only did she take amazing care of my girl but she also 

taught me and my husband so much about newborn care, pumping, breastfeeding etc. 

I cannot recommend Paula and her team more and having a night nurse in general! 

We had our night nurse come 3 nights a week and it helped make our newborn experience be a total dream."


I would 100%  recommend Babies RN Night Nurse Agency for their outstanding support and expertise.

The level of care and peace of mind that their night nurses provide are truly invaluable. I had the pleasure of gifting their baby nurse services to my sister and her husband after the birth of their baby.

Thanks to Babies RN they were able to get much-needed rest, knowing that their newborn was in good hands.
Thank you again to Babies RN night nurses for making a positive difference during such a special time. I couldn’t think of a better gift for new parents than the gift of Sleep!"


Excellent care by nurse on our holiday to Florida. Will use again."

 Gardner Family 


Babies RN was an incredible support for us.

Our night nurse was professional, knowledgeable and nurturing.

We used the service for the first few months with our newborn and we couldn’t be happier with the support."


 Martha O. 


I had a couple of night nurses before discovering Babies RN.

I’m grateful that they provide the best night nurse service.

I would recommend you to anyone. 

Having peace of mind, knowing my child is in safe hands overnight, is truly invaluable.

Thank you, thank you."

Pilar, C

Babies RN Mom

We appreciate the support from Paula and our night nurses from Babies RN. As new parents, navigating the challenges of caring for our newborn has been both rewarding and, at times, overwhelming.

Babies RN and their dedicated night nurses have been a huge help and support for our family

during this special time. It is a wonderful service!"

Sophie T. 


Excellent communication and nurses are amazing."

Starbeck Family 


I am so glad I had a Babies RN night nurse to assist me and my family. 

I felt very comfortable with my night nurse and my experience was exceptional."

Babies RN Mom

My husband and I tried to tough it out with our very colicky newborn until it wasn’t working for any of us. 

Out of desperation, we found Paula and Babies RN. 

It felt weird at first to just let someone come to our house overnight, but our nurse Patty came highly recommended and we were just so tired.

 From the minute she stepped into our home, Patty put us at ease — even our dog took to her right away! 

The nights she helped us were magical and we never worried about our newborn in her care. 

In our case worth every penny. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation — those first weeks are ROUGH! — 

I would not hesitate to contact Paula at Babies RN."

Connors Family


Our night nurse was  FANTASTIC, we were so happy with her :) 

Thank you for making that happen. "

Babies RN Mom

Babies RN was truly a gift.

Our night nurse entered our lives when we needed help the most- with our two newborn baby girls.

We didn’t know how to take care of twins and our baby nurse taught us more than the basics.

She calmed the nervousness of two parents who could have easily ​felt overwhelmed,

and helped us settle in, develop rhythms and allowed a brand new mother

to rest and recover from her c-section.

My husband and I highly recommend Babies RN.

We wanted as much time as possible with with our baby nurse that she could spare.

She was very caring, knowledgeable, friendly and punctual."


We are very thankful you for the help that Babies RN provided us during this new chapter.

 We were really happy with our night nurses and grateful for the sleep 

we were able to have with them here."

Babies RN Mom of twins  

Best baby night nurses services in South Florida.