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Looking For A Night Nurse, Baby Nurse or Newborn Care Specialist?

Welcome to Babies RN

Miami Night Nurse

We are a boutique newborn night nurse agency. We are based in Miami and support new parents during the newborn stage. Our newborn night nurses take care of babies overnight so the parents can sleep. We are currently serving families in South Florida. 


We offer in-home expert overnight newborn care by the most trusted professionals; Night Nurses, Baby Nurses, Newborn Nurses, Registered Nurses and Newborn Care Specialists.  At Babies RN we only recruit experienced and trusted professionals who love supporting new parents during the newborn stage.  


We take over the hiring process for our clients. We prepare for new parents the best support night nurse system according to their needs. 

  • Having a night nurse from babies RN provides SLEEP and PEACE OF MIND to new parents.  Knowing that your newborn baby is under the care of a night nurse that you can trust, allows you to get a good night's Sleep and wake up fresh and well rested the next day! 

  • Without support and adequate sleep, the newborn stage can be very challenging for new parents. Having a Babies RN night nurse allows parents to have a good night's sleep and eases the transition of bringing your newborn baby home. 

  • We bring our knowledge, experience and professionalism to support families during this special and intimate time, the newborn stage. Feeling exhausted is expected when you have a newborn, but with a Babies RN night nurse it doesn't have to be that way. 

  • Your night nurse will support you with all the baby duties throughout the night. Including overnight bottle-feeding your baby or assisting you with breastfeeding and/or pumping, changing diapers, holding, settling and soothing your baby back to sleep. 

  • The benefits for hiring a night nurse are well proven and invaluable. Parents who have had a night nurse, say it has allowed them to enjoy every moment as a new parent.

  • Flexibility. Our babies and parents graduate from their night nurse when they are ready.  

  • No Contracts! Our service is designed to support new parents.  The frequency and length of the service is up to your needs and requests. We understand that flexibility is key for our clients; therefore, we don't have any penalties or contracts.  We make every effort to accommodate to your family's needs. 

  • We are proud to have the most qualified and trustworthy team of Night Nurses - Baby Nurses - Newborn Care Specialists who will take care of your baby overnight so you can get a good nights' sleep. The rates for a Night Nurse varies according to credentials and experience and location.

  • We offer a Personalized Night Nurse Service. Our service is designed to support parents. We do our best to accommodate to our families’ needs. We will explore the best options and support system for you. You can count on having a night nurse who will be professional, compassionate, reliable, and who loves supporting new parents and their babies. 

      We would be honored to support your family during this special time.


Hire a night nurse from Babies RN and enjoy the newborn stage 100%.

Night Nurse Services

New Parents Exhausted

Say GoodBye to sleepless nights. Your babies RN Night Nurse will attend to your baby’s needs during the night so you can get the sleep that you need. Your night nurse will bottle-feed or bring the baby to you if you are breastfeeding. Your night nurse will be changing diapers, settling and soothing your baby back to sleep. Your night nurse can also support you with other baby related duties like washing and preparing baby bottles. Book a Babies RN night nurse and enjoy life with your baby!


What makes our night nurses \ baby nurses \ newborn care specialists the most qualified overnight newborn care professionals?

In order to become part of Babies RN, our providers go through a serious and extensive hiring process. 


Every Night Nurse - Newborn Care Specialist that joins Babies RN:

  • LOVEs babies and is passionate about supporting new parents during this special time. 
  • Is an expert in newborn care.
  • Is CPR Certified.
  • Attends to your baby’s needs during the night.
  • Has had previous employment verified.
  • Has had professional and personal references verified.
  • Has passed a comprehensive National & 7-Year County background check.

If you need overnight newborn care in Miami, Ft Lauderdale or Boca Raton whether it be a newborn care specialist, a night nurse, or a newborn baby nurse, feel free to reach out to us. Please complete our Contact Form to receive more information. 


Happy Babies RN Parents 

Gamboa Family


Where do we begin??

Before we speak about our night nurse experience,

we would first like to comment on our interactions with Paula Marino (Owner-Babies RN).

Paula was empathetic, attentive and made us feel taken care of from the very moment we spoke.

We really appreciated the adjustments she made in order to meet our needs which then in turn placed us with,  Dionne.

That now leads us with the pleasure of speaking about our AMAZING Night Nurse, Dionne!

What a God-Sent Blessing! Dionne gave us unbelievable support during the first few crazy weeks.

She was detailed, confident, attentive, loving night nurse and most of all…such a wonderful human being!

We were so delighted to have our new baby in such great hands!

Her rapport was genuine and she listened intently as we shared our story and was able to help meet 100% of our needs and desires.

To say that she went above and beyond as our night nurse would not do it justice…

I can only say “WOW” to the entire experience!


these are the things we think about when we speak of Night Nurse Dionne and Paula.

What a tremendous team they have.

We can see why they have a such a strong reputation for being #1 night nurse service!

Grateful & BEYOND SATISFIED Clients… "

Jeff and Heidi G 

Google Reviews

Feel Confident About Choosing Babies RN Night Nurse Agency.

We stand as the premier Night Nurse Agency in South Florida,

dedicated to providing exceptional childcare services.



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Thank you for considering Babies RN.


We are proud to have the most qualified and trustworthy team of Night Nurses - Newborn Care Specialists who will take care of your baby during the night  so you can get a good nights' sleep and enjoy the newborn stage 100%. 


We would be honored to support 

your family during this special time. 


©Ba​bies RN​ 

Miami Baby Nurse
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